About Us

We believe everyone should have the glorious experience, at the end of a challenging day, of slipping into a bed so luxurious, so welcoming, so sumptuous that an irrepressible “Ahhhhh…” slips past your lips nightly.

Previously, indulgence in luxury linens was restricted to celebrities and industry moguls. But we at Linen Catalysts envision bringing these coveted products to a wider audience.

We buy first quality but discontinued or past season linens from the world’s finest manufacturers – those who continue to create their bedding in the European tradition, using only the finest yarns and the highest quality workmanship. When we find a fabulous deal, we buy in quantity and then offer these amazing goods at very affordable prices to our residential and hospitality customers.

If you’ve yet to discover the difference luxury linens can make in your sleeping experience, we’re here to walk you into a marvelous new era -- a chapter in which you look forward to slipping into your fabulously dressed bed every night, a chapter in which you simply can NOT keep yourself from voicing that “Ahhhh…”

We’re Linen Catalysts, purveyors of luxury linens, and we want to change the way you think about linens.