Bed Wars
Posted On: 08/27/2012

A battle has been raging all around us, and it’s been going on for years. You probably haven’t heard about it, but this conflict has probably touched your life, if only in a small way. Are you curiously confounded?

Remember when the Westin Hotel came out with its Heavenly Bed? That happened in 1999, and the good folks who own the Westin marketed that development widely. It was a bit of a first in the hospitality industry – focusing so much money and attention on the bed – but it turned out to be a profitable strategy.

Other upscale hotels followed suit, and guests so loved the downy, soft beds they slept in while traveling that they wanted to replicate those beds in their homes. Savvy hotels began offering their luxury linens for sale; in fact, if you were sufficiently prosperous to foot the sizeable bill, you could buy the mattresses as well for a turn-key purchase that would guarantee the same great bed experience at home.

Linen manufacturers got on the bandwagon, too, offering “hotel” lines of bedding.

Soon, mid-price and even budget hotels were upgrading their bedding to remain competitive. And today, you’d be hard-pressed to find accommodations that don’t offer a better standard of bedding now than they offered ten years ago. The bed wars have resulted in the entire hotel industry elevating their bedding over the quality they were offering just a few short years earlier.

And how has this touched your life, you ask? Well, if you’re among those folks blessed with the opportunity to travel and experience bedding other than your own, these bed wars have likely changed the standards by which you judge bed linens. Even if you don’t know a thread-count from a strike count, you no doubt now recognize when a bed causes you to utter a pleased “Ahhhhh…” upon falling into it. In short, your expectations have risen and even those of us living on a budget who’ve experienced that “Ahhhhh Factor” in a hotel now want that same feeling from our bed at home. The trickle-down effect has…trickled down.

And isn’t that a glorious thing? A war with no casualties, other than some crummy mattresses and sheets, with victors on every front – folks enjoying better rest while sleeping on better beds. Finally, a war with only winners!

Bed wars – now you know.

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