The Difference Luxury Linens Make
Posted On: 09/10/2012

Perhaps you’re someone who, like me, has purchased sheets and other bedding in a haphazard fashion -- wherever you happened to be shopping, whenever you found a particularly enticing sale. Maybe the whole ‘bed in a bag’ notion appealed because it solved the problem of matching everything up. Or having become aware of the thread-count issue, you might have started judging sheets by those with the highest number of threads. Haven’t we all?

It wasn’t until I was lucky enough to stay in a luxury hotel that I experienced the “ahhhhh” factor of high-quality bed linens. I remember thinking, “I DO NOT want to leave this bed today,” so I hauled my laptop into that glorious nest with me and worked from that downy, silky spot all day long. It was heavenly, and that memorable experience set me on a path of desiring to replicate that bed in my own home. I’ll admit, I became something of a linens junkie with that hotel stay.

As I searched and searched for linens that fed my desire for that “Ahhhhh factor,” I also learned a thing or two about the difference luxury linens can make in the bed experience. Read on…

Luxury linens are breathable, allowing you to sleep at a more comfortable temperature, whatever the season.

o If you are, like me, a woman of a certain age, this point will be far more meaningful than it will be to those ahead of and behind us on the life path. There are some very soft sheets out there, but if they are made of polyester – often disguised as “microfiber” – these sheets will not allow the free exchange of air that all-cotton sheets provide. When the warm, moist air that naturally collects around your sleeping body can dissipate, you need never again awake feeling hot and sweaty, and that’s a very good thing.

Luxury linens are finely made, yet durable.

o It’s possible to spend quite a tidy sum of money on linens sold at well-known department stores and still not wind up with linens that will last long enough to make them a good value. I’ve been amazed to learn that cotton, in the right hands, can be made to feel buttery fine and silky smooth. The trick is to start with the right cotton, most often Egyptian, long-staple cotton, and then to use milling and finishing methods perfected over centuries by craftsmen who expect their linens to be passed down from one generation to the next. The end result is bedding that feels exquisitely fine to the touch (there’s that Ahhhhh factor again) AND which is durable enough to last and last.

Luxury linens can be a great value.

o If you’re a smart shopper, you can purchase some very fine linens for what you would’ve spent at the department store. The difference is that, when the department store linens are needing to be replaced, your luxury linens will be getting softer and more luxurious with each laundering. That makes your fine linens a great value and you, a good steward!

Luxury linens can enhance your restfulness.

o When you crawl into your bed at night, tired from a long stress-filled day, and you are rewarded with that Ahhhhh sensation, you may very well find that you drift off to sleep more quickly, that you wake up less often in the night (thanks to that breathability we already talked about), and that you wake the next morning feeling more fully rested. What’s that worth to you? Can you possibly quantify the value of better rest?

So, luxury linens really DO make a difference. Besides being truly beautiful, they provide a more even sleeping temperature through their breathability; are long-lasting, actually improving with age; can be a great value, not needing to be replaced as often; and lend themselves to deeper, more restful sleep. Try them for yourself and experience the difference luxury linens make!


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