Popcorn Like No Other
Posted On: 12/14/2011

We are lovers of fine things...in this case, fine popcorn!  Once we were introduced to Garrett Popcorn, we have found no comparisons.  We never fully appreciated the differences in popcorn shops, but we sure do now.  In business for over 60 years, Garrett hot air pops their signature blend of kernels, which are then mixed into secret family recipes.  (We want to be part of this family!)  Every batch is handmade daily and the result is an incredible snacking sensation.  There is a reason why there are lines outside their popcorn shops, whether you find yourself in New York or Chicago.

Their year-round menu includes plain, buttery, Cashew CarmelCrisp, Pecan CarmelCrisp, Almond CarmelCrisp, and Macadamia CarmelCrisp.  We recommend visiting the shop on 34th near Penn Station in Manhattan; the next best option is to visit their online store at garrettpopcorn.com.  Enjoy!

Posted On: 01/07/2012 21:27:11
Omg! This is the best popcorn ever! Gotta have the Chicago mix
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