Best Pillow for Your Sleep Style
Posted On: 10/03/2012
Bed Pillows | Matching the best pillow to your sleep position
Do you ever wake up with a stiff, achy neck? Do you find yourself awake during the night, punching up, fluffing, or doubling over your pillow? If you do, read on – there may be a simple solution that could lead to deeper, more restful sleep for you. Simply by selecting a pillow that suits your most common sleeping posture, you could solve your problem!
What is your sleeping posture?
Take a moment to think about the position you’re in when you first wake up in the morning. Are you most often:
- On your back?
- On your side?
- On your stomach?

Once you know this answer, you can choose a pillow that suits your style. Your pillow’s job is to fill the space between your neck and your mattress, and that space varies in size, depending on
your sleeping posture.

Tip: Selecting the right pillow for your sleep posture results in less interrupted,
more restful sleep.

Back Sleepers
Sleep experts tell us that it’s important to keep the spine in a neutral position during sleep. Back sleepers need a pillow that’s firm enough to support the head and neck, maintaining that healthy spine position, without pushing the head too far forward. A pillow with a Medium density is best for back sleepers, giving a Goldielocks-degree of just-right support.
Side Sleepers
If you sleep on your side, you’ll need a more substantial pillow to fill that gap created between your shoulder and the mattress. Look for a Firm pillow, perhaps one that’s gusseted or that has an inner chamber to provide greater support for your head and neck. Some side sleepers opt for two separate pillows, but now that there are so many great pillow densities available, you’re likely to have better sleep with a single Firm pillow.
Stomach Sleepers
The greatest challenge for stomach sleepers is to find a pillow that’s comfy but that doesn’t elevate the head too high for the spine to remain neutral. The best bet is a Soft pillow. It should feel comfy but without all the “poof” of a more dense pillow. A Soft pillow will lay flatter on the mattress, enabling your head to remain in closer alignment with your spine during the night.

There are countless choices when it comes to buying a bed pillow, and the process is highly personal and subjective – what you consider to be comfortable might not work at all for me if my sleeping posture is different than yours. But knowing your most typical sleeping position is the single most important fact you need to select the pillow that best suits you and can offer you the deepest, most restorative sleep.
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