Linens 101: How To Create The Most Luxurious Bed
Posted On: 10/09/2012
Linens 101 |The Fundamentals of Creating an Exquisitely Luxurious Bed


      The number of threads in one square inch is defined as “thread count.” In recent years, thread count has become the single factor many consumers consider when looking for a high-quality sheet. However, thread count is only one part of the picture. Three other key components are the quality of the cotton fiber, the construction of the sheet, and the finishing techniques, which bring out the sheet’s softness, colors, and sheen.
      Instead of asking, “What’s the thread count?”, ask “How does this sheet feel?” The type of feel you desire from your sheets is highly personalized – some people prefer a soft, silky sheet with an almost “not there” feeling, while others prefer a more substantial, crisp sheet. Once you take notice of your preference, you’ll be able to narrow the selection to only those sheets that feel the way you want them to.
      Most commonly, you’ll find sheets made either of all-cotton or cotton blended with a synthetic fiber. The finest sheets are made of 100% Egyptian cotton because these fibers are the longest, softest available. As textile technology advances, synthetic fibers are improving. Still, long-staple Egyptian cotton remains the gold standard for luxury linens due to its softness, breathability, and durability.
      Some consumers shy away from fine linens, thinking they require specialized care that is expensive and time-consuming. In reality, fine linens are quite easy to care for as long as one rule is honored – protect them from heat, both in the washing process and in the dryer. Wash in cool or warm water; dry on a low-heat setting for the shortest time possible. Then, fold the damp sheets or hang them up, right out of the dryer. To get the longest life from your fine linens, follow the Three Par rule for each bed – one set of sheets on the bed; one on the shelf; one in the laundry. This allows the cotton to rest between uses, greatly extending its life.
      When giving your bed a makeover, start first with the sheets. Select sheets that feel the best against your skin. Then, replace your pillows, choosing the density and fill that suits your sleeping style. Next, add down, even if it’s in the form of an ultra-lightweight down blanket – nothing feels as luxurious as down. Finally, select a duvet cover, quilt, or other coverlet that reflects your sense of style, to create a pleasing and inviting visual.
      It’s possible in today’s marketplace to find a continuum of prices, from extremely inexpensive bed linens to wildly expensive ones. We suggest doing some research in advance and then buying the best quality linens that are within your budget, paying less attention to brands and the hype of packaging, and more attention to the linens’ feel, fiber, and construction.
      Some would argue that the pillow is the single most crucial bed linen element, as it has perhaps the greatest impact on how restfully you sleep. Before choosing a new pillow, consider your sleep position (back; side; stomach) and select a pillow with a density that aligns to your sleep style. All-down pillows are considered the most luxurious, although new pillow technology offers an inner chamber of feathers, surrounded by down, to achieve new heights in comfort and density.
These Linen 101 basics are offered in hopes of guiding you toward creating for yourself the most luxurious, restful bed possible. After all, at Linen Catalysts, our motto is Better Linens ~ Better Sleep ~ Better Life.
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